coping with stress

Have one of those days?

Is it one of those days? The kids are screaming, food is burning on the stove and there is paint or lego pieces all over the floor?
Ah, we all hate those days but days like these have to exist, otherwise how would we learn to appreciate the good ones?

There would be no fun if everything went perfect every single minute. Now, imagine you’re taking a deep breath with me, right here Then do it again and again, until your mind quiets down. Push the noise outside every time you exhale, leave it there with the rest of the chaos. Remember, it might be like this tomorrow, or it might be better. Either way, your kids need you and, most of all, YOU need yourself. Because moms are valued, even if, for a moment, their hearts don’t believe it. Your children know it, husbands know it, even Buddy or Max out there in the back yard knows it. Who else will keeps the whole house on their shoulders, if not you, super mom?

In the eyes of your little ones, you know everything, you save the day! YOU are perfect.
There’s a hole in my sock, mom! I want a muffin, mom! I want water, mom! My brother is kicking my butt, MOM!

Ask them why they won’t ask their dads? Simple, because somehow, in some magical way, we make it better- even if it’s just a glass of water.

Moms are important, above anyone else. They’ll make the best food, even for the pickiest kids, because who else knows their baby better? When the story book becomes boring, they will invent new tales, a lot more fantastic than any written ones. Why? Because moms knows if her kid wants the prince or the ogre to win, if the hero should have a horse or a flying car. She’ll get it right every single time and, as a champion mom, you will too.

Let’s be honest, all the things moms do can’t even fit into a normal job. They’re too many, no one could figure out how to pay you properly! I mean, how can you be the best painter and the best at math at the same time? No one is that smart. No one! Well… except for moms.

There’s a lot of balance needed for everything you do. Holding the baby’s bottle while stirring in a pot, doing your daughters hair while checking the spelling in her homework, rapidly shifting from vacuuming to stopping boys from fighting over Legos I mean, sure, it’s exhausting, but moms have a gift for it all.

Every time kids cry, they’ll come to you. Only a mom can understand and give the best advice, even for a teenager’s broken heart. Not to mention the best hugs! A mom’s hug can heal anything. And, obviously, she knows everything about medicine for the times little ones catch a cold.
If she gets sick, though, she must keep going, like nothing ever happened. Because if she stops it’s as if time stopped and the apocalypse is on. As a mom, everyone in the house counts on you. Whether you believe it or not, you’re the sun and it all revolves around you.

Sometimes it runs around your legs and you need to be careful not to fall, but you get the point.
You’re the one who’s supposed to remember everything. Plans, tutoring, dance lessons because who else other than you would know how to properly schedule all that? Not to mention you become a magician as soon as you give birth. Your kid is crying over a lost toy or favorite T-shirt and it just magically appears in your hand -How do you explain that?! It’s simple. You’re an amazing mom.
Because women are special, we should keep close together. Make it a habit to motivate moms who are having a bad day, encourage those who strive to make it better. Most of all, keep doing what you’re doing, you already are the best at it. When having a bad day, just take a deep breath, remember we ALL have them, and remember that it’s okay to have a bad day. It’s also okay to ask for help.

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