Our Staff

Yolanda Gonzalez, LMHC, Psy.D


Founder and owner of FMHP, Dr. Yolanda Gonzalez is a mother of four (with fifth on the way) who has founded this mental health practice in hopes of fostering a safe and peaceful environment for moms to come and fuel their hearts with hope, comfort and love. Our specialty lies in women’s mental health, specifically related to maternal mood disorders.

Barbara Duenas

Marriage and Family Therapy

My name is Barbara Duenas and I am a Marriage and Family Therapy registered intern. I have worked within non-profit and for-profit organizations a like. I transitioned through various different professions to finally land what I consider my calling. Having experienced some difficult experiences and losses of my own has prepared me to be a better therapist. I have studied different therapeutic techniques to better assist each type of client.

Not only are these therapeutic techniques evidenced based by science, but I myself have used these techniques in my own personal life to know they work. I have worked with clients in transition within their lives to have a positive outcome.  For example, mothers who recently had children, clients whom are recently diagnosed with a new medical condition, immigrants whom have left their country at a late age, people whom have been abandoned by family, people whom have been betrayed by their partners, parents whom have lost their children and people with recent separations from a partner. I strive to aid individuals feel better about themselves to help their relationships excel. I use psycho-education to help clients work on their interpersonal relationships with partners, friends or family members through strengthening their communication style.  I encourage acceptance within themselves and their current life circumstances.  Some of the work is very intense and draining but getting to the core of where these emotions come from can have a very impacting change in your life.  Individuals, couples and family members live a healthier life based on the work they input with the materials I provide. 


Rosaura Yepez


As a therapist, I aim to provide a safe and comfortable place; without judgment or pressure. I believe people are the experts in their own lives and I look forward to being a part of their journey to help them when they need. During sessions, I am realistic and enjoy working collaboratively with clients to provide new insights and coping skills. I utilize a client-centered approach using cognitive behavioral techniques to address a myriad of challenges, whether that is a new stage of life, personal losses, or experienced traumas. I have experience working with all ages and specialize working with teenagers and young adults. I am also currently training to assist mothers struggling with perinatal or postpartum mood disorders.


Jennifer Gavilán


My name is Jennifer Gavilán and I am an administrative professional with a BA in Psychology/Criminal Justice from Florida International University.  After working for over 10 years in Human Resources within the Entertainment industry I decided to put a hold on my career to spend more time at home with my two boys. Once my youngest was in school I went back into the job market and took a different direction and followed my dream to work in the Mental Health field.  With my experience in Human Resources as the point person between top level executives and employees I felt that I would be the perfect fit in an administrative role serving and meeting the needs of clients and their families.