Medications in combinations with psychotherapy have been shown to help people with emotional or behavioral problems. At FMHP your cases are individualized. We research your symptoms and if clinically indicated, we will refer you for a psychiatric evaluation. Research has shown that medication, in combination with psychotherapy, may help with certain mental health illnesses as opposed to psychotherapy itself. Different kinds of problems, however, will respond differently to various treatments; therefore, choosing the right treatment can be complicated. Your choice of treatment should be based on the best available scientific evidence, as well as your own willingness to try these treatments and to stick with them. Whatever the choice, these discussions should be reviewed with your physician, psychologist or mental health professional.

Therapy is intended to help you cope with daily life stressors. Therapy is not intended to be a “lifeline”. We work towards helping you become more independent and “in control” of your emotions, by offering encouragement, support and coping skills. Therapy will only be effective if you work collaboratively with your therapist in reaching your goal(s). Remember that therapy is not going to change your or change your bad habits, YOU will change YOU. You already have the skills you need to change, therapy helps you see that within yourself. Therapy helps you help yourself.

Treatments typically last from 6-12 weeks, maybe more depending on your individual needs and response to treatment.

You can arrange an appointment by either calling us at (786) 239-4405, or emailing us at yoly@fmhpllc.com.

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